Think Direct Hiring


lightbulbIt’s a simple goal, build a sustainable business which helps clients to increase direct hiring and become more recruiting self-sufficient.


The excitement is palpable around the place, although I cannot say there isn’t a certain level of apprehension to keep things measured.  In being part of Cogito, I am looking forward to realising my overriding work driver – customer satisfaction.


All of my recruiting life has been within corporate businesses, setting and delivering upon our own strategic initiatives (not always in tune with our customers) and I wanted to step into a truly consultative relationship, rewarded by helping customers to realise their own potential and achieve their own goals.


I am sure that anyone reading this will realise that the plethora of candidate attraction channels has created never before seen opportunities for employers to broadcast their message in the hope of growing the number of direct hires.  More and more companies are developing their internal sourcing teams with almost half of UK organisations now having their own internal recruitment capability.  The appetite exists for more direct hiring, providing greater influence over stakeholder relationships, costs and brand.


Similarly, we crave for and are swamped by data – more now than ever before and 2014 is just the tip of the iceberg, with some predictions stating that by 2020 we’ll be creating over forty times more data than we create today.  So how can employers understand which attraction channels work best and which data can become the insightful information needed to ensure that their hiring tactics deliver the people they want?


After spending over a decade leading recruitment solutions which focused upon delivering very niche skills in Space, Aviation and Energy, it became obvious that being able to understand external factors such as the hiring activities of our competitors and the whereabouts and subsequent availability of skilled professionals, ensured that both attraction and retention strategies were in place.


It’s time for companies to think more about how and who they recruit by using hiring intelligence to intelligently hire. 


Intelligence is not only external.  Organisations should continuously examine their own internal performance including: thinking about what worked for them the last time they hired skill X, the future tracking of candidates who were not quite right this time around, understanding where their recruitment supplier found the best candidate then occupying the same space and using all of their organisations plus points and people to enhance hiring performance.


Having chosen to invest in an internal recruitment team, many employers fail to build effective and agile recruitment plans.  Employers should be giving their recruiters the best opportunity to promote their employer brand and access talent in the speediest and most appropriate way. This means understanding where talent is today, what will attract it and also being prepared to engage before that talent is likely to enter the candidate market. 


In the so-called War for Talent, the companies with the greatest knowledge and best intelligence networks are going to succeed.  Every employer has the opportunity to find the right talent for their business, this should start with a review of what currently does and doesn’t work, which skills they are going to need in order to meet future operational demand and what external factors are going to limit their ability to realise their vision.


It’s time to really  start thinking about direct hiring.


Marc Drew is the Managing Director of Cogito Talent Limited, a direct hiring consultancy helping organisations to improve recruitment effectiveness. To understand more about how Cogito can help you to find quality candidates and add value to your recruitment performance visit, call +44 1179200125 or email