Mapping and Insights Case Study: Market Intelligence and Analysis to create direct sourcing strategies for IT skills

The Problem
Our customer is a leader within their highly competitive commercial sector which features an equally competitive candidate market. The in-house recruitment team faced a consistent challenge to attract IT personnel from competitor businesses resulting in rising head-hunter costs and a detrimental impact upon business performance.

What We Did
We mapped the UK IT skills market for individuals with specific technology experience through networking, analysis and canvassing activity. We researched prominent businesses within the sector and the region to understand talent, earnings and capabilities and identified the talent with the required skills and experience, with additional focus upon our customer’s key competitors where cultural alignment would support candidate assimilation.

The Outcome
A market map with over 1000 individuals was presented to our customer along with analytics from geographical spread, hiring demand, remuneration levels and average role tenure.
Our customer has benefited from a broader candidate pool than their internal team or external providers had traditionally delivered, presenting them with the information to devise effective engagement plans and take greater ownership for the direct hiring of future leaders. This resulted in our customer engaging with the most desired individuals in a series of assessment centres for half of the cost of their traditional recruitment agency solution.

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