Recruitment Transformation Case Study: From under-performing recruitment outsource to best practice in-house solution

The Problem
After over 10 years of utilizing a recruitment outsourced provider, our customer – a global financial services organization – had a desire to take greater ownership of recruitment spend and employer brand.

What We Did
Our transformation team delivered a modular change programme to create a direct sourcing model which focused upon quality of candidate, hiring manager experience and cost reduction. Commencing with an audit of the RPO provider performance, our consultants created a transition plan – led by Cogito – which ensured continuity of service and exiting the incumbent. In collaboration with our customer we hired a recruitment manager to lead the recruitment activities for the client onsite and under their instruction.

The Outcome
The recruitment model transition successfully – on time and without any disruption to service. Direct hiring increased to almost 90% in the first 3 months and overall recruitment spend significantly reduced. The transformation programme has achieved its time and performance targets including the provision of candidate brand perception and talent mapping projects to support long term strategic goal setting.


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