Case Study: Employer Brand Perception – Private Healthcare

Case Study: Understanding Employer Brand Perception for a Private Healthcare client

The Problem
Our private healthcare client had experienced double-digit growth over the past five years, with an equally strong forecast for the next decade. Recruitment was a problem as they continued to experience increasing recruitment agency costs for its nursing staff. This not only impacted the bottom line business performance, but also contributed to a high turnover of staff. Feedback from their recruitment partners suggested that the employer brand reputation was a barrier to direct hiring.

What We Did
We wanted to provide our client with insight concerning the views of the talent they wanted to hire and how to engage with them. We conducted a Candidate Perception study in which we canvassed the views of Nurses within the local geography to understand their perception of our client and if their opinion was preventing direct recruitment success. Areas of questioning included pay, training, career progression, quality of service, fairness to employees and recruitment process. Insight was also gained into the individual motivators, career aspirations, job hunting methods and interest in working for our client.

The Outcome
The data obtained, trends and recommendations for improvements were presented to our client in a workshop session. Specific focus was applied to areas of negative feedback to ensure that the client was able to address these as a matter of priority. We worked in partnership with our client HR and Marketing teams to create, and execute, a plan to improve attraction tactics and recruitment messaging so that negative views were countered and positive aspects of the employee experience extenuated. The creation of a Nursing specific social media strategy has seen the creation of more relevant, and desired, content and increased the direct awareness of our client in the local employment markets.

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