Case Study: Employer Brand Benchmarking

Case Study: Enhancing Employer Brand through market benchmarking research

The Problem
Our customer had traditionally relied upon local networks and referrals to recruit its qualified employees. Increasing industry regulation along with greater hiring demand within the UK sector from competitors had resulted in a shrinking candidate pool and an increasing reliance upon temporary labour. Spiralling recruitment costs and increasing attrition started to impact upon business performance.

What We Did
We conducted a recruitment benchmarking study focusing upon local and national competitors for talent. Examining the tactics used to attract candidates through web, social media and more traditional methods we delivered an analytical study which highlighted how competitors were positioning their employer brand to the candidate market.

The Outcome
Operating with increased awareness of competitors hiring methods, our customer embarked upon a hiring transformation programme including the redesign of their website, their recruitment model and the employee value proposition. By expanding their internal recruitment capability and adopting new attraction methods our client has benefited from an increase in direct applications and reduced recruitment costs.

Cogito’s research enabled us to adapt new ways of promoting our employer brand to prospective employees with full recognition of how our competitors were conducting their recruitment. These have enabled us to make positive changes to our recruitment model and tactics which have resulted in improvements within the first six monthsHead of HR

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