iThink: September 2017

With the Summer break over and the tan starting to fade, it is that time of year in which many businesses start to think about how best to manage the remainder of their talent budget (if it’s not already spent!) and start to think about planning for 2018, and we are enjoying continuing to offer different and innovative solutions to our customers which help them hire and retain great talent, and use that budget wisely.

Since my last post in June, we have grown our ranks with 2 new researchers and successfully concluded our 12-month transformation programme at Arval. This was an incredibly rewarding piece of work, in which we supported the transition of the recruitment model from an outsourced solution to in-house. Working in collaboration with a driven HR team and recruitment lead, the programme saw direct fill achievement at 90%, significantly reducing their recruitment spend.   It is exactly the type of programme we wanted to deliver and client we wanted to work with when Cogito was formed!

Our talent mapping solution has helped new and existing customers alike to benefit from deep talent and market insight, which has enabled them to engage with talent they wouldn’t usually attract when using traditional recruitment methods.  Of particular satisfaction has been the range of skills and projects from Executive level to volume skilled and operational roles.  Amongst our recent projects are:

Chief Technology Officer – Financial Services
Chief Information Security Officer – Financial Services
CIO – Financial Services
Operations Director – Manufacturing
Commercial Director – Manufacturing
Head of CSR – Fashion
Operations Manager – Manufacturing
Multi-Skilled Engineers – Food
NPD Managers – Food

For many of these projects, I have been delighted that after being assessed against Headhunters and Recruitment Agencies,  it was our ability to provide deep insight to support decision making and wider organisation design strategies which set us apart and led to our engagement – and success.  Being able to show customers that turning data into information can provide a much better recruitment output for all continues to be rewarding for us all.

In addition to talent mapping, our research has supported broader Organisation Design projects for two of our key customers, this is where we see much of our future engagement, offering added value insight to identify “What Great Looks Like” and analyse why people thrive, as we not only help businesses to hire great talent, but retain and progress it!

With all this data and insight, we are keen to share more, so over the next quarter we will be introducing new ways of benefiting from our insight.

The iThink Hub will be populated with more content, including sharing headlines from our insight so that our followers can discover trends and stats which could help shape their talent thinking. If you are not a member of the iThink Hub yet, you can sign up for free

We will be expanding our Hiring Index reporting to include market data as well as specific company and sector talent news, this means that you can not only be aware of demand for talent in your sector and region, but also understand the national labour picture.

Our training programme which has been delivered to clients over the past 3 years is now available for single sign up. We have received great feedback from inhouse recruiters from these sessions in which we focus upon candidate and hiring manager engagement to improve recruitment performance. With sessions in Bristol in October and November, we now want to provide the opportunity for other internal recruiters to develop their skills and improve the quality of candidates and service to the business.  If you are interested in participating drop me a line.

Finally, in the October we will host our next iThink Seminar, this time on the power of storytelling to enhance Employer Brand, to join us, our expert speakers and thought leaders click here

A busy quarter ahead…



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If you want to create fact-based talent strategies from acquisition to engagement, and reduce your reliance upon recruitment agencies and lower recruitment spend, please get in touch.

iThink: June 2017

As we move towards the middle part of our third year, it seems like a great time to take stock and share our evolution.  We continue to add more and more value to our increasing number of customers, helping them to improve direct hiring performance and reduce recruitment spend. 

This means that we have had the opportunity to grow our team and we have recently moved to a new, larger, office in central Bristol.

Already in 2017 our transformation programme at Arval has not only led to the transition of the recruitment model from an outsourced solution to in-house, but we have worked in partnership with them to create a recruitment model which has achieved over 90% direct fill and significantly reduced their recruitment spend. They have embraced our insight and are soon to launch a new employer brand and engagement collateral.

Our talent mapping solution has helped new and existing customers alike to benefit from deep talent and market insight, which has enabled them to engage with talent they wouldn’t usually attract when using traditional recruitment methods, amongst our projects this year are:

  • Chief Operating Officer – Manufacturing
  • Telesales Director – Financial Services
  • Director of Merchandising – Retail
  • Sales Manager – FMCG
  • Technical Specialists – Food
  • Account Managers – Food
  • VP IT Delivery – Financial Services

Our ability to identify and assess Senior Talent along with operational skills to build long term talent pipelines continues to add commercial benefit to our customers who now see Talent Mapping as a real alternative to Headhunt.

We are also proud to have supported one of our key clients to identify the best location in the UK for their new Contact Centre. Our analysis of Socio-Economic, Employment and Competitors across six UK cities in April has already seen our customer kick off their direct recruitment campaign.
Customers across Retail, Manufacturing, Food and FMCG have benefited from our research into what external talent perceives about their Employer Brand and how they can better directly engage with them.
Amongst our ever evolving insight offering we now include Talent Profiling in which we engage with employees to identify “What Good Looks Like” and analyse why people thrive.  This provides in-house recruitment teams with the insight to improve the quality of talent they hire and HR leaders with the insight to enhance L&D programmes which support business growth. 

If you want to create fact-based talent strategies from acquisition to engagement, and reduce your reliance upon recruitment agencies and lower recruitment spend, please get in touch.



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Case Study: Direct Sourcing Excellence

Case Study: Direct Sourcing Excellence for Arval

The Problem
After over 10 years of utilising a recruitment outsourced provider which delivered inconsistent quality of candidate and a lack of return upon investment, our customer, Arval a global financial services organisation engage Cogito to implement a Direct Sourcing Programme to realise their desire to take greater ownership of recruitment spend and employer brand.

What We Did
We delivered a modular change programme to create a direct sourcing model which focused upon quality of candidate, hiring manager experience and cost reduction. Commencing with an audit of the RPO provider performance, our consultants created a transition plan – led by Cogito – which ensured continuity of service and exited the incumbent. In collaboration with Arval stakeholders  we hired a recruitment manager to lead the recruitment activities for the client onsite and under their instruction.

The Outcome
The recruitment model transition successfully – on time and without any disruption to service. Direct hiring has increased and overall recruitment spend significantly reduced. The transformation programme has achieved its time and performance targets including the provision of candidate brand perception and talent mapping projects to support long term strategic goal setting.

"Arval operate in a highly competitive market, as such the quality of talent is of paramount importance to us.  We recognised that we needed a partner who could demonstrate thought leadership and build a new, energetic and best practice recruitment model,  Cogito were the obvious choice.  We are delighted to have worked with a partner who puts our needs first and who have helped to transform our recruitment into something we can be proud of."  Ailsa Firth, HR Director - Arval

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Case Study: Talent Mapping – IT Skills

Case Study: Talent Mapping IT Skills for global financial services organisation

The Problem
Our customer is a leader within their highly competitive commercial sector which features an equally competitive candidate market. The in-house recruitment team faced a consistent challenge to attract IT personnel from competitor businesses resulting in rising head-hunter costs and a detrimental impact upon business performance.

What We Did
We conducted a UK-wide talent mapping programme of the IT Skills market, identifying individuals with specific technology experience through networking, analysis and canvassing activity. We researched prominent businesses within the sector and the region to understand talent, earnings and capabilities and identified the talent with the required skills and experience, with additional focus upon our customer’s key competitors where cultural alignment would support candidate assimilation.

The Outcome
A market map with over 1000 individuals was presented to our customer along with analytics from geographical spread, hiring demand, remuneration levels and average role tenure.

Our customer has benefited from a broader candidate pool than their internal team or external providers had traditionally delivered, presenting them with the information to devise effective engagement plans and take greater ownership for the direct hiring of future leaders. This resulted in our customer engaging with the most desired individuals in a series of assessment centres for half of the cost of their traditional recruitment agency solution.

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Case Study: Talent Mapping – Sales and Account Management

Case Study: Providing talent mapping and insights to create talent pipelines for a UK based food manufacturer

The Problem
Our client is a leading fresh food producer to top 4 retailers experiencing headcount, sales and geographical growth. Rapid expansion and increased customer demand placed pressure upon the internal recruitment team to attract high quality sales and account management personnel, which had historically been achieved from a reliance upon recruitment agencies.

What We Did
To ensure our customer was able to directly engage with the most suitable candidates, we conducted Talent Mapping of the UK Food sector market to identify Sales and Account Managers across 30 of their leading competitors, resulting in a detailed report comprising of over 500 individuals, career history, customer experience, product category experience, geographical location and generational variances.

The Outcome
Our research has enabled our client to achieve a short term goal from direct hiring Account Managers from the report resulting in an immediate saving of 20% against like for like spend versus their traditional agency cost.

In addition, our client is now nurturing relationships with other individuals; creating a talent pipeline of future account managers to support long term talent strategies. Focussing upon specific customer and product experience has enabled the recruitment team to directly engage and own the candidate relationship, meaning that they can hire as many of the individuals from our market map at no extra cost.

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