Case Study: Talent Profiling – Discovering What Great Looks Like

Case Study: Talent Profiling – Discovering What Great Looks Like

The Problem
Our financial services client operates in a highly commercial sector in which the ability to provide great customer service and deliver equally great sales performance sets them apart from competitors.  For a number of years the business leaders had experienced inconsistent levels of output from their 200 strong sales team, with some people exceeding expectations and other failing to deliver.  They wanted to understand why, specifically why some people thrive and others do not.

What We Did
We analysed the existing 200 sales employees and applied annual appraisal ratings to distinguish High and Low Achievers, and presented age, tenure, skill and gender demographic trends which presented a top level view of the broader aspects of the sales workforce.

We then conducted engagement sessions with 70 employees, in which Cogito researchers asked specifically designed questions to understand behaviours, motivators, needs and wants of the mix of High and Low Achievers in an attempt to understand what makes good people tick.

The Outcome
We presented our findings to Executive level sponsors, HR and Heads of Department.  Evidencing clear differences in the responses of High Achievers versus Low Achievers, including why they joined the company, what they enjoy, what motivates them, what is their career ambition, what is important to them and whether they intend to stay with the company.

Our insights have been utilised to develop amended recruitment screening questions to ensure that the quality of candidates increases and shortlists are populated with those who will thrive.  Our findings have also been incorporated to enhance Development, Internal Mobility and Succession Planning programmes to create a high quality workforce populated with High Achievers.


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