5 questions you should ask to improve your recruitment


Having a desire to increase the number of direct hires is a good start to enhance candidate experience and internal recruitment performance, but without ensuring that you are fully aware of a number of key areas it is likely that your business will face a challenge to realise the vision.

Below are 5 questions which I believe should be answered in order to improve your recruitment performance… 



1. Why do talented people want to work for our competitors?

It is generally agreed that competition for talent is high, so the need to differentiate and appeal to coveted individuals is vital, doing this without understanding how your competitors engage with and reward their employees puts you at a disadvantage.  Remuneration, culture and progression opportunities are all key factors which need to be understood when positioning your opportunity versus the rest.  Additionally, understanding the perception candidates have of your business provides you with detail which may be restricting your opportunity to succeed.


 2. Why do we struggle to find the talent we need?

Reviewing past performance will help to give you pointers on where you have gone wrong, whilst understanding why others succeed.  By identifying the internal and external factors that affect your ability to find the required talent and objectively assessing the reasons for your under performance, your team can think more tactically about how they can improve. 


3. Do we get a good return on our recruitment budget?

Whether your recruitment costs are increasing or not, the real measure of the investment should be the quality of the hires made.  An intelligently planned move towards direct hiring is likely to reduce your cost per hire, however a reduced capability in the new hires can lead to greater attrition and replacements being required.  Understanding how to attract and engage with the best talent in the most effective way will help to reduce your overall recruitment costs and enhance quality of hires leading to greater business success. 


4. Do our recruiters have the networks and the skills to promote our EVP?

The opportunities to broadcast your company message are varied and many, but also potentially damaging if not managed by credible recruiters.  Although you may wish to promote your vacancies and EVP across multiple channels in order to attract the best talent, you should consider whether your recruiters possess the necessary skill set to market, endorse,  represent and add value to your brand.


5. Do we know what hiring challenges we are going to face next year?

Assessing how closely your recruiters work with the hiring community and how much they know about the future will show how embedded and effective they can be.  Having a forum to appraise the business of market trends and forecasted challenges whilst also providing the hiring managers with a focused session to give forewarning of talent demands heightens the opportunity for effective planning and proactive candidate engagement. 


Take some time to sit with your recruitment colleagues to consider all the sources of information and recruitment research available to you which will shape your hiring strategy in the future.  Ask yourself the above questions and start to think about how you can increase your awareness, quality and direct hiring. 



Marc Drew is the Managing Director of Cogito Talent Limited, a direct hiring consultancy helping organisations to improve recruitment effectiveness. To understand more about how talent mapping can help you to find quality candidates and add value to your recruitment performance visit www.cogitotalent.com, call +44 1179200125 or email marcdrew@cogitotalent.com